Leva Här! / Living Here!

Exhibition Leva Här! /  Living Here!
Local people living here and their thoughts about the future, Svennyby – Botna parish in Bohus County, Sweden 2006.

Idea, photo and interview texts Agneta Ekman.

Torbjörn Nylén, 43 years old Tveten, Kville, previously a dairy farmer, now doing many different jobs with his daughter Jessica 14 years old.

 –  I don’t know what to say.

You gets so worn out being a food stuffs producer since you were a kid. We are always the last in line and get what’s left over after all the others in the food chain have covered their costs. Doesn’t matter whether it’s our meat, our milk or our grain.

Arla (the biggest Swedish dairy) pay their drivers full wages. No wage earner’s going to work for free. The farmer only gets what’s left over. That’s all we’re going to get. So it’s vital that we get going with biogas and those kind of things. We’re the ones who won the land. We deserve to get paid for what we do. And if they won’t pay us …. then to hell with it… we won’t deliver any more. We’ve got to put our foot down. But we are such a small political factor. Because there’s so little capital in farming. That’s why we have to make sure we get paid otherwise we may as well all just stop farming.