Agneta EkmanAgneta lives  with her husband – David Wingate – in Skärkälls Eco and Atelier Village on the west coast of Sweden. They have three children.
Agneta learnt the basic principles of painting from her father when she was a child. She started studying fine arts in Stockholm, but left to join Christer Strömholm when he strated his school of photography.

She has worked as a teacher in photography in Christer Strömholms Fotoskolan Stockholm, Dramatiska Institutet Stockholm and the media department of  Volda College in Norway.

For some years she worked as a TV producer for TV, NRK Norway. And as a radio journalist in the late 70s in Sweden. In the 80s she formed a film and video company with her husband making films for TV and cinema.

She is a member of the Artists Collective Workshop, Gerlesborg, in Bohuslän, where she has her darkroom. She works with analogue negative film and makes all her gelantine silver prints herself.

Agneta ran an Art and film playschool for the kids in the village for ten years. She has also made a goddess garden from scratch. In the summer she works there and treat peoples feet and reads poetry for them under the white roses and bumblebees when the weather is favorable. She is a linen weaver and chairwoman of the Linen Museum in Bohuslän