At Bottna Inn we have a full program of art exhibitions
7 September 2019 at 12.00 – 17.00 

The area around the Bottna Fjord hosts a lot of artists. It is truly an area where you can’t go far without meeting an artist. Gerlesborgs Art college and KKV (stonemasons’ workshop) is one of the reasons. Many of the students of these two places have chosen to stay in the area. It is truly a must for anybody interested in Art.

On the 7 of September, artists will welcome you into their studios, sometimes this is their homes. You will be able to view and discuss the art with the artists themselves. You might even decide to buy!


20 Participating artists
Cost: Free
Meeting place for maps, coffee and more information: Bottna Inn and Akvarellen. Bottna, 455 98 Bottna, Sverige (map)
Contact: Mia +46(0)707 442222, Helen +46(0)523 57700 or Åsa +46(0)730 740056

Agneta Ekman welcome to my studio
Small gravel road behind Gerleborgsskolans konsthall
Signs: Skärkäll. Take right at the postboxes. Walk 300 m (map)
Sign: Ekman Wingate
Contact: +46(0)738 005 097

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